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Personalized care in the comfort of home
Home health care is the ideal solution for many people recovering from illness, surgery or recent hospitalization or for people with chronic diseases. Caring and compassionate home health aides are trained to help manage a range of conditions and disabilities, including early Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cardiac conditions, cancer or stroke.


Jewish Home Lifecare is committed to providing individualized care.

That’s why our Home Health Care program gives each and every person we serve the right combination of health and wellness support in the comfort and independence of their own home.

Jewish Home Lifecare Home Healthcare offers:

  • Ongoing home health care for people with chronic health conditions and disabilities, including early Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cardiac conditions, Cancer or stroke
  • Assistance with daily needs and activities
  • SupportConnections and care for those recovering from an illness, injury or hospitalization

Our main goal is keeping patients independent, active and most importantly, at home.

How Home Health Care Works:

Each individual has their own team of dedicated Home Health professionals led by a nurse.  Care starts with:

  • An evaluation of the health and support needs
  • A home assessment to identify any health or safety issues that may exist
  • Preparation of an individualized care plan to support health, independence and quality of life

Ongoing Care Includes:

  • Home visits by nurses, home care aides and other healthcare professionals, according to an individual care plan
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of  health, comfort and quality of  life and adjustment of the  care plan as necessary
  • Help in understanding and managing medications
  • Regular consultation and coordination between the patient, the care team and the family
  • Regular contact and coordination with the personal physician to ensure that healthcare needs are coordinated
  • Respiratory, physical, occupational and speech therapy to meet specific healthcare needs
  • In-home care by bonded home care aides to assist with daily tasks such as bathing, cooking and shopping
  • Social work assistance to help patients get full access to benefits

All of this is backed up with a 24-hour on-call service for emergency needs.

Helping To Find the Right Care

Home Health Care is available in Manhattan and the Bronx.  Contact us for information on how we can help you or a family member.  Our staff can help you understand all the options and what benefits may be available.

Medicaid, Medicare, and Private Pay options are available. Our social work staff will work with you to understand all the options and benefits that are available and to define and implement the best plan for you.


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